Load Balancing Multiple Servers on Different Networks


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I don’t know if this topic was ever discussed.

We are using the LM-3000 Kemp Load balancers which we have configured on a 172.16.1.x network where we are using the “Round Robin” scheduling method which is working perfectly, but now we need to make additional configuration changes to the LM-3000’s where we need to use the “Fixed Weighting” scheduling method to switch between two websites but the websites are running on a 172.16.0.x network.

Is this possible as I would assume this will be a 2-arm configuration ?

My only confusion is that you can only use one default gateway on the Kemp device so any advice would be appreciated.

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Tony Vaughan

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you would have two options here,

1. add an arm to the new network on the LoadMaster
this will mean that the LoadMaster will now have a local route to the new network 

2. add the real server as a "non-local" real server
this will not change the routing on the LoadMaster
for the LoadMaster to connect to this server it will via static routes or its default gateway

the downside of this option is that you will not be able to use transparency for this virtual service

Please see this link for more details

details on transparency