Upgrading from VLM-1000 to VLM-3000


Is there a support way to move from VLM-1000 to VLM-3000?


Or is it simply

backup the configuration

restore the configuration on VLM-3000

shut down the old VLM-1000 HA

power on the VLM-3000 HA?


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Bill DeCastro

Hi Leon,

Thanks for reaching out.

We have the ability to migrate the license on our end, but you're also welcome to deploy new units, relicense, and migrate the configuration over.

I generally recommend relicensing the same unit, since this will have the least impact on your traffic.

In order to migrate the license, you can navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.

If your LoadMaster has access to the internet, simply insert your Kemp ID and password, then click Update License.

If your LoadMaster doesn't have access to the internet, Select Offline Licensing from the drop-down box, click Get License, insert your Kemp ID and password, then Generate License. You'll be given a license blob that starts with the word "begin" and ends with the word "end". Copy this (inclusively) and past it in the text box on your LoadMaster.

We do recommend rebooting the unit after it's been relicensed.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to nasupport@kemptechnologies.com or 844-439-5367 to open a Support ticket.


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