My Kemp can not find real server


I can accept to my server ( but my load balance show status down.


Barry Gleeson

There are a number of Reasons this could happen.

  • Health Check is different from traffic. Or perhaps Health Check is a URL not accessible on the Real Server.
  • Traffic from LoadMaster to Real Server is being blocked.

The first thing to look at is what the Health check is for the Real Server and check if this type of traffic is allowed from the LoadMaster to the Real Server. A good option for testing is to use ICMP.

If the Health check is ICMP you could test pinging the Real Server from the LoadMaster directly. this can be found through the option:

Sys Admin - Sys Config - Logging Options - System Log Files -Debug Options

In this menu you can also run a Traceroute  and TCP Dump which may help.


ICMP ie worked .
Thx Barry :)