Load balancing RDS 2012



I'm currently load balancing RDS 2012 the standard MS way, however when an RDS collection is formed with connection brokers it leaves users unable to directly RDP to a collection server, resulting in a cert error - which is normal behavior. 

I'm wondering if I implement my Kemp load master to do the balancing for me would this resolve my issue of users not being able to rdp directly to the collection terminal servers. 

To summarize that, I want users to be able to RDP to the collection/farm name but still have the option to rdp directly to the servers.




Also, My RDS environment is only used internally via RDP, so I don't require external web interface access. 

I'm browsing through https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/203858115-Remote-Desktop-Services trying to pinpoint the scenario which will apply to my set up. Is it correct I can drop the Web Access and even Gateway roles from my RDS deployment and just run the kemp in conjunction with the CB?


Bill DeCastro


The LoadMaster will not resolve the certificate problem. This problems stems from the fact that a certificate is needed on each server for its own FQDN or IP address, whichever is being contacted. A certificate chain will also need to be established to ensure proper trust.

You're welcome to eliminate RD Web and RD Gateway to load balance 3389 traffic, provided you contact RDCB first. Also note that if multiple Site Collections are needed in the future, RD Web will need to be reintroduced.