Always ON VPN no access to internal resources



I have setup an Always On VPN lab environment up in Hyper-V. My RRAS server's external connection ( is on the network and this has the default gateway set to my Internet router of The internal connection of the RRAS server ( is on the It also has a PPP adapter RAS (dial In) Interface that has picked up an IP address out of the dynamic pool of

The Always On VPN client is set up for force tunnelling.

If I move one of my domain joined clients to the network the Always On VPN connects and I can access internal resources, such as pinging (DC and DNS server). So everything is working as expected.

If I now introduce a Kemp LB and follow your instructions for configuring it by creating 2 x Virtual Servers on UDP ports 500 and 4500 and set up port following, etc that you kindly provided, the Always On VPN client connects, but I cannot access any internal resources.

I have compared routing tables and performed network traces but nothing really shows why I cannot access the internal resources.

Do you have any ideas or tips that could help me out as I really need to get this working before we implement this for real?