How to Configure HTTPS for Real Servers with Sub domain or Modules.


Hi KEMP Community,

I need your help, I have a DEV Apps that needs to be load balance. I already have a valid certificate and already set up to load master, my problem is when I tried to access the sub url or the modules of the real servers it gets back to and when i tried to manually input it was ok.

Below is my settings.



This is the problem that I've encountered, The landing page is ok, https is working, but when I clicked one on those modules the url will return back to http which is not accessible.

1. Home Page HTTPS is working.


2. When I select one of the sub modules, When loading the page the url shown but after a few seconds it goes to


3. When I input HTTPS it will work.


Please help, what am I missing with the configuration. Thanks in advance, If this will work we will evaluate and might get the premium subscription on KEMP.