New to Kemp LoadMaster and can't get site to work


Like the title says, I'm new to using the Kemp LoadMaster. I'm currently trying to set it up to access a website hosted in our internal LAN while the Kemp LM itself is in our DMZ. I've anonymized the attached diagram. It should illustrate how I'm trying to go about using the Kemp LM.

I'm also including my current settings on the Kemp LM (again anonymized):

Properties for tcp/ (Id:1) - Operating at Layer 7
Basic Properties
Service Name: A Self-Service HTTP
Service Type: HTTP-HTTP/2-HTTPS

Standard Options
Scheduling Method: round robin

Id Name: A Server
Weight: 1000
Limit: 0
Critical: unchecked
Subnet Initiating Requests: checked
Status: Enabled
Rules: 1
Name: ASelfService
Match Type: RegEx
Options: Ignore Case
Header: host
Pattern: ^*

So far I can't get it to work. I was hoping someone could check my settings and diagram and maybe point to some settings I need to change.

Thanks in advance.



Problem turned out that I misunderstood how to setup the "Virtual Service."  The descriptions I'd read about how to setup that functionality led me to believe the Virtual Address was actually the address the requests from the Kemp server were to be sent to.  In this case, I used an address and port combination on the firewall which I then NATed to the server on our LAN.  Turns out the Virtual Address should have been the address of the Kemp server itself.

Brian Morich


My apologies for the late response, glad to hear you were able to figure out this issue. Due to the setting of Subnet Originating requests being checked, the LoadMaster will use the interface IP address to send requests to the real server opposed to the VIP of