AWS loadmaster | 443 over L4 not accessinle




I have deployed an AWS Kemp Loadbalancer and will configure a L4 loadbalancer for 443 which balance my traffic to 2 IIS application server. Virtuell service is up and running and all Real Server are green. But when I try to access the application server over https://virtuell-service-IP I got an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT from Browser. When I configure a L7 loadbalancer, then the application is accessible. 




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Andrew Spagnuolo Official comment

Hi Sebastian,

L4 virtual services are inherently 'Transparent'. Transparency is a method of maintaining the initiating client IP address across the connection for your real servers to see.

The problem is currently in AWS transparency does not work due to routing limitations in the cloud. If your goal was to preserve the client IP I would use the X-forwarded-for header to send the IP as a header instead.


The process of how to do that is described in the document below.