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I'm new to Kemp LM and using things like RegEx. I've been tasked with making one of our internal websites accessible from the Internet. I've got a Kemp LM spun up and working in that the website is accessible from the Internet, but it seems all sites hosted on the web server are accessible via the Internet. I'd like to make it so only a specific URL works.

Here's an example of what I mean:

Site that needs to be reachable (this is the exact URL, but anonymized)

With content switching disabled, all these sites are reachable
http://mysite.mycompany.com/ - displays the web server's default ISS page
http://mysite.mycompany.com/mysite/somestuff#/signin - displays the site that I needs to be reachable
http://mysite.mycompany.com/admin/ - displays a site that I do not want to be reachable via the Internet

As far as I can tell, I need to use "Content Switching" to set this up, but I've been unable to get it working. If I enable it and use various Regular Expressions to try to specify access to only a specific URL, all external access (including the URL I'm trying to reach) stops working. Could anyone offer some suggestions of how I might go about doing this? I'm sure the problem is simply because of my lack of experience with these concepts.

Thanks for reading.

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Michael Starr



These two rules below would block requests through the virtual service to the two examples you gave. The first will fail requests attempting to access the root page and the second will block any attempts to admin. If you need help with the application of these rules if you can spin up a trial unit that will entitle you to 30 days of support. With that we can get on a meeting and I can assist further.