Cannot license Free VLM


In December I downloaded the free VLM from, set up my account, and got my free load balancer up and running. When I booted up the only option was to trial the VLM-5000 license, so I clicked on that. The trial expired on 1/9 and today the VLM stopped processing traffic. From my understanding, according to the support page here on the support site, there should have been a free license option, but I am not seeing that option at all.

Any help?


Nick Smylie Official comment


I believe you might have the wrong image.  Please see the download link below to get the correct one.  At that point you should have the option to license a free LoadMaster.

As a quick side note, trial VLMs will expire after 90 days.


I posted this and then I noticed that, the original vmdk image I used did not have -Free at the end. I re-downloaded the image and I now had the correct options.