How to use KEMP Free Load Balancer for HA pair of RSA Authentication Managers


I have two RSA Authentication Manager servers that are in HA mode (Primary and Replica), that I want to put a load balancer in front of so that my web farm can call a single VIP or single name.  WE are not using the Authentication Manager agents, but instead are using the SDK with custom code. The Agent automatically load balances, but I am not sure what happens when you use the extras SDK.   Currently I just point my website code to look up the RSA Authentication Manager at a static IP.  Now that I have an HA pair, I think I probably need a VIP to load balance between the Primary and the Replica.  Both Primary and Replica are always Active/Active and thereby will each answer any request hitting it's IP.


How do I use VLM as a VIP to the RSA cluster?