Load Balancer cannot see the second website hosted in IIS


Hi, Everyone.

I am new to load balancer configuration. Here is my dilemma. We have 2 Windows 2k16 with IIS role. Both servers are hosting the 2 sites (the 2 website has copy on each server) to load balance it. The primary site works and being recognize by load balancer. The second site, the load balancer cannot recognize. 

The developer bind the site using hostname. The IP address and port numbers are shared by the 2 sites on each server.

The troubleshooting steps, I have undertaken

1. Went into one of the server and browse the 2nd website by going to IIS and it works fine

2. Went into a workstation configure the hosts file to map the stage.testcompany.com to the server IP address. When I browse it works the website https://stage.testcompany.com it works fine

3. I have stop, recycle and even restarted IIS itself but load balancer still cannot see the second website. 

Can you suggest what else I can check to address the issue.

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Nick Smylie

Hi Reymond,

A few questions:

1.  Are both sites working on the same port?  If so, is it 80, 443, are you offloading/re-encrypting on the virtual service(VS)?

2.  Are both sites resolving to the same virtual IP(VIP) on the LM?

3.  Does the site REQUIRE a hostname to be accessed?  Or we can we access it via IP?