2FA MFA Radius works first time but seems to be remembered after logging out and logging back in again


I have configured 2FA Azure MFA Radius forms based auth for Exchange OWA ESP.

It appears to work although after logging out and closing browsers it does not prompt me for my MFA code the next time I login again.

Is there some sort of RADIUS session timeout value or option I have to select to ask for the Code every time a User logs in ?

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Brian Morich


Do you happen to be on 7.2.50 firmware? There is a known issue in which logging off does not kill SSO sessions, this will be addressed in our next release.

if you have permanent cookies set within the ESP configuration of your service, similar behavior would also occur.

There is a session timeout setting for idle session time and total session time under Virtual Services -> Manage SSO -> your SSO domain -> Session Timeout