Inject http header in request to server


Quick question for common deployment where the loadmaster virtual service terminates https and sends http to the real servers. How does the real server know the request was https vs http? This is needed so the real server knows to send a redirect to https if needed. My typical solution is to insert a custom http header, but I do not see that option. What does Kemp suggest?

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Nick Smylie


If you are terminating the SSL on the LoadMaster you are doing just that.  The LoadMaster will then send traffic unencrypted on the backend(LM > RS).  The server will know nothing about what happen before hand, only what it gets from the LoadMaster.  You always have the option to 're-encrypt' though.  So it will terminate on the LM then re-encrypt when it sends the traffic to the LoadMaster.  We do this if you want to add content rules, header modification or do certain persistence methods for instance.  

If you want to insert a custom header there are a few ways. 

Either under advanced properties you will see 'add header to request'.  First box is the header name, the next is the value.

Another way is to add a content rule under Rules & Checking on the left and then Content rules.  From there you can add a header with a value and add that to the VS itself again under advanced properties.  More from the link below.