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Can anyone advise me I am looking to purchase load master VM software and would like to know if it will do what I need it to I have 3 seperate webservers running seperate sites I have one public Ip address and all the websites use same port 443 I am trying to work out dose the load master software have the ability to identify which incoming requests go to whiche server for example has virtual host

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Nick Smylie Official comment

Hi @michael.bednarksi

From the way you described it that is very doable.  You would create a single VIP, a few content rules and then assign those out on your SubVS.  From there the LoadMaster will direct traffic based off those rules to your SubVSs and then to your servers.  Please see the article below for more info.

On top of that if you are trying out the LoadMaster for the first time/new to our product you can also download a trial unit that is good for 30 days.  You can then reach out to Kemp support so we can assist.  Link to download a trial unit below.