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Hi All,

I am testing your Free loadbalancer at the moment and my homelab is not that great but I am slowly upgrading it.  I have google WiFi at the  and I would like to port forward to the loadbalancer but the issue is that you are unable to see the VIP.  Is there a way that it I can make google WiFi see the VIP in the network so that I am can port forward to it?

I have done a bit of research but have come up with nothing.





Nick Smylie

Hi Matthew Morris

Not sure what you mean by you aren't able to see the VIP.  Are you saying you cannot see the VIP for your WiFi networks?  If so that is not really what the LoadMaster is for.  If you can find a way to point traffic to the VIP I suppose it could work, but there is not anything we can do on the LM to fix this.



David Andrew Smith

Having the same issue.  There seems to be no way to port forward to a VIP.  Google seems to require that port forwarding goes to a device, you cannot manually tell Google Wife to forward a port to xx IP, it asks you to choose a device that is discoverable, then port forward to that.  This seems odd as I can ping the VIP just fine from my computer, however VIPs do not seem to qualify as "discoverable" unless there is a setting on the LM that I am missing.

OP, did you figure out a way to get it working?



Matthew Morris

Unfortunately not. I had to use another router that I could port forward to the VIP.


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