Router can't see VIP, can I use eth1 for the VIP?


Hopefully I'm using the correct terminology to explain what it is I'm trying to resolve. I currently have the free load balancer deployed on ESXi on a Cisco UCS C220 M4. I have two port groups. When I configured Kemp, I put both network interfaces on the same port group and assigned them static MAC addresses. My problem: My router (eero) can't see the VIP that I create, I can manually create a reservation entry, but the problem is that the VIP is on the same network interface as the load balancer itself, so I can't create two IP reservations for the same MAC address. My question: Is it possible to keep Kemp's management on one network adapter (currently eth0), and allow for all of the traffic to go through eth1? Since eth1 has a separate MAC address than eth0 I'll be able to create an IP reservation and port forwarding rule with no issues. 




Francis Tam

Hi Charlie,

Are you putting eth0 and eth1 in different subnets?

Each different interface needs to be a different subnet, think of kemp like a router not a switch.



Wenqian Wang


I also had this issue. I couldn't port forward my VIP because my router (nest router) didn't know that the VIP was an available IP being used. The only solution would be to get a new router. That's what I had to do


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