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I am currently blocking access outside of authorized countries on a per VS basis.

I recently ran into an issue where it appears different services are reporting the IP as coming from different countries. In this particular case, ARIN.net is reporting the IP with an entity in country A, yet a lookup of the IP on https://www.iplocation.net/ shows it sourced from country B, based on multiple references.

We have country B allowed in the WAF Advanced Configuration and it's not getting through. However, this has worked for other IP's which ARIN reports as the allowed country.

So my question is what is the basis for the GEO IP Database?




Andrew Spagnuolo

Hi Jeff, 

Our GEO IP Database uses MaxMind as a basis for determining the location of IPs.

I believe we use one of the utilities in the link below:
Geolocate an IP address using Databases | MaxMind Developer Portal

Best Regards,



Jeff Roberge

Thanks for the info. I will look into this.


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